Michael B. Whitt

American Country Singer, Songwriter & producer


Michael B. Whit is an American Country singer,songwriter and producer. He is easily referred to as a musical genius to  those who have experienced his talent first hand. His perfect pitch, ear for harmonies and endless creativity turns any song he touches into gold. 

Michael B. Whit was born and raised in Centreville, a small town in Illinois, right outside of St. Louis. He was influenced by music at an early age, by his father, who would put him on his lap, as he practiced the bass guitar and drums. He also had a music teacher in elementary school who was instrumental in molding him into the singer and musician that he is today. After winning his first Vocal Arts Competition in high school, he realized that there was something uniquely special about his musical gift. He then traded his football helmet in for a microphone and began his singing career. 

From a very young age, Michael B. Whit has been fortunate enough to have worked with and to have shared creative spaces with many historical greats, across a very diverse class of talent. They range from artists, producers and writers in many genres. Amongst these groups are Grammy Award Nominees & Winners,  Static Major, Keli Nichole Price, Jon Jon-Traxx, Nathan East, Wendell Brown, Steven Nowa, Jeff Villanueva, Gospel Trio-Virtue, Ebony Eyez, Jo Capo, Track Boyz, Track Starz, GS Boyz, Maybach Music Artist - Ester Dean, Sammie, Cheneta Jones, MBK and Sony Artist- Livre, International Pop Star - David Carreira, Yo Gotti, American Idol’s - Aloha Mischeaux, Chris Loesch of Rock Band King Thief, Pop Producer - Łukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), Beatstaz, Ray J, Sick Pen and a host of others.

Michael B. Whit has produced for the Grammy Award Winning Trio, Virtue, and has received a Stellar Nomination for Producer of the Year with Gospel Group,  Livre.

Michael B. has graced Billboards Top 20 Charts three times with his latest contribution, Everything’s Coming Up Jesus, by Livre, reaching #1 in its category.

Whit has released one single, Handle Hard, from his much anticipated album “Before September.”

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